Bedroom Update & West Elm Crush

I have a story about how things are not always as they seem…

You see. Our bedroom looked really good the last time I showed you.

Master Bedroom Reveal - All Precious & Pleasant Blog

But the truth about that gorgeous blue Anthropologie comforter wasn’t quite as pretty.

It pulled apart easily, had loose threads everywhere (I had to repair it several times), had a patch where I spilled bleach, showed cat hair like crazy, was incredibly difficult to wash, and made me frustrated daily. I was getting so fed up with it constantly looking dirty and hairy and having to repair the tufts that one day I woke up and decided to buy a new comforter.

Steven Alan Golden Gate Duvet from West Elm

Enter: leftover Macy’s gift cards from our wedding two years ago and a West Elm bedding sale.

Steven Alan Golden Gate Duvet from West Elm

The day I decided to get something new, Jeremy and I picked up an amazing Calvin Klein Down Alternative Comforter at Macy’s with a gift card I found hiding in my wallet. Then we hopped over to West Elm to pick something out on a whim. I normally spend a really long time deliberating choices, but the hubs and I worked together to pick something out in a matter of minutes.

And we took it home and it was all wrong.

So we took it back and got the Steven Alan Stripe Duvet in Golden Gate.

Then I loved it, but I second guessed myself for two weeks so I ordered a solid white duvet and waited for it to come in. Because I LOVE solid white bedding, am I right? And it’s the most versatile.

But then I put it on the bed and it just wasn’t right. We needed some interest and color!

So, here is where we landed, and I love it more every time I look at it! I love the touch of masculinity, the addition of the golden yellow into the room, and I really like it in conjunction with the Organic Sparrow Song shams.
Steven Alan Golden Gate Duvet from West Elm
Steven Alan Golden Gate Duvet from West Elm

Mittens loves it, too.

Steven Alan Golden Gate Duvet from West Elm

It may not be as versatile as a solid white duvet, but I’m gonna enjoy the fun pop of color and the gorgeous fabric.

So what do you think? Fun, patterned bedding or plain romantic white? Which do you prefer?

Also, West Elm is still running a 20% off all bedding sale. And there are about 20 duvets that I wanted. I wish we had a 20 bedroom house. Well…not really. But seriously, now’s your chance to update your bedding. I am not compensated by West Elm. I just have a big crush on their style.




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6 Dating Habits That Helped Our Marriage

Today is my birthday, and it also marks three years since Jeremy proposed and I said “yes.” So, I am all mushy and sentimental thinking about our dating years, and how wonderful our two years of marriage have been (better than our dating years by a long shot). This sent me into a reflection on what we did in dating that I would recommend to someone else who was seriously dating a potential future spouse. If that’s you, or if you want some dirt on our relationship, here’s the scoop.
 photo datinghabits_zps1244ee54.jpg

Let me tell you about how I ruined the first time Jeremy said “I Love You.”

Back up. When we were still “just friends,” he told me he had never told a girl he loved her because he was saving those words for the girl he wanted to marry. He got about five times more attractive in my eyes when he told me that. I’m all, “Hello, super cute guy with a lot of integrity.” *whistles*

Fast forward a couple of years. We had been dating for a year and a half. He knew he wanted to marry me within a few months of dating, but I asked him to wait to say those sacred words because I wanted to be confident that I could say them too, and I wanted it to mean something. I had subtly given him the ok, so he began to plan when he would give me the news about his feelings (as if I didn’t already know).

Fast forward again to early June, 2010. I had just landed in Houston from three weeks in Africa for a study abroad/mission trip that wore me out spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The 20+ hours of travel to make it back only compounded the feelings of exhaustion. I was at my emotional tipping point. Jeremy met me at the baggage claim and we hugged and waited for my bags. As we were standing by the carousel watching the suitcases roll down the track, he leaned over and whispered “I missed you and I love you.” 

Screech. Halt. Tired brain can’t process.

He thought picking me up from the airport and saying he loved me was like something out of a movie. I didn’t pick up on the romance.

Me: “Wait, did you just tell me you loved me…in the baggage claim?”
Jeremy: “Yes,” with a sheepish expression. “Is that ok?”
Me: “I mean that’s fine. It’s just not how I pictured it, I guess. I mean, thank you. I mean, I’m sorry I’m just so exhausted I can’t process this. And…well…we’re in the baggage claim.”

Crickets chirped.
And he looked at me in silence as a tear rolled down his cheek.

I stumbled over my words a little longer and then starting sobbing. I guess we picked up my suitcase at some point, and the tears kept flowing. He was trying not to cry too because he wanted the moment to be perfect. I kept apologizing because I already ruined it, and saying “I love you” back now would be weird and why do i ruin everything and i’m so tired and i wanna go home and i love him too but i should wait to tell him now and i broke his heart and everything is all wrong.

Moral of the story, our dating relationship was pretty much perfect, and we never miscommunicated. Obviously. 

There are certainly things I would do differently were I to do it all over again,  but despite little hiccups, there are a few choices that we made that have been vital in the success of our marriage thus far. Because when you are dating, no matter your intentions, you are laying building blocks in the foundation of your future marriage.

Here are a few practical building blocks I would lay again.
 photo Untitled-1_zps04f29c18.jpg
1. We didn’t separate our spiritual lives from our dating life. 

If you grew up in church, you have been told to keep God at the center of your relationships. I love that advice, but it’s kind of hard to know what that looks like practically. The best way I know how to describe it is that we didn’t separate spiritual from relational.

If you are a believer, your relationship with God should inform every other relationship you are in. So in dating, that means that every step you take together, every habit you form, every choice you make is first informed by scripture and your relationship with God.

We didn’t pray together every day or have weekly boyfriend/girlfriend bible studies. But, for us, it meant being in constant communication about our spiritual walks, talking about hard spiritual concepts, praying individually and together for wisdom in our relationship, finding and serving in a church together, and allowing our faith to inform all aspects of our lives.
 photo 1915259_1265315523704_62245_n_zps3d8d0e03.jpg
2. We sought out Godly mentors 

After we had been dating about a year, we read a book called Boy Meets Girl by Josh Harris, and our main takeaway was that we needed mentors. We lived far from family, and we wanted people who were older and wiser that could speak into our dating relationship. We were taking things very seriously, and we wanted to do things right.

At Jeremy’s prompt (bless him), we asked our pastor and his wife to mentor us in our relationship, and for the next few years, we met together for dinner, had coffee with each separately, and allowed them to speak truth and answer questions about our relationship. That same pastor did our premarital counseling and married us. I don’t know if they know how much their investment in two little college students meant to us, but (Mike and Tab, if you’re reading this), we are still impacted and influence by their guidance and example.

 photo 404739_4793097276043_1327166097_n_zps0daa26cb.jpg
3. We talked about hard stuff, disagreed, and worked through it. 

We argued. Quite a bit. Especially in the first year of dating. We are both stubborn and opinionated, and I had high expectations for everything that were unable to be met by a mere mortal.

Some of our arguing could have been curbed, but we made it a point to learn to disagree well and communicate openly and honestly about our feelings. We didn’t shy away from conflict, but we prayed for humility and understanding in getting to the other side.

I sometimes got frustrated that we couldn’t live in la-la land like some of our other dating friends. I wanted to be one of those couples that looked dreamily into each other’s eyes and never disagreed. But we miscommunicated a lot at first and had lots of long talks to understand each other better. We worked through things with resolution in mind, and I am so glad we embraced conflict and allowed ourselves to be refined in the fire in the dating years because it has made conflict in marriage so much less surprising and so much more easily resolved. Notice that I didn’t say that conflict in marriage is nonexistent, but the key is learning how to selflessly, lovingly and productively resolve conflict.

 photo 1927652_1119588520620_7052879_n_zps55d43537.jpg
4. We kept our friendships with each other and with others a priority. 

My dad once remarked to me that he liked seeing young couples that were such good friends that you didn’t even notice they were dating in group settings. There is something refreshing about a couple who cares for each other and loves each other selflessly but is able to maintain an obvious friendship with each other when in a group setting.

I’m not suggesting you should ignore each other in public. Especially now that we are married, a rub on the back and a smooch on the lips is very healthy even when hanging out with friends, but when we were dating, we really worked on being the kind of couple that never made anyone feel like a third wheel and that kept our friendship as a focus.

Friends laugh when milk comes out of their nose. Friends don’t always have to look “put together.” Friends encourage each other and build each other up. Friends don’t need constant affection. Friends make others feel included. Friends goof around. Friends put up with each other’s quirks.

When we are 85 years old and arthritic, and we’ve weathered life’s storms together, I hope our friendship will be the thing that is constant and keeps our love alive.

 photo 546678_4046189163807_453230506_n_zps48759bce.jpg
5. We saved sex for marriage. 

I won’t harp on all the nitty gritty of this one (but I can suggest some great books or take you out to coffee to share my thoughts if you want). If you’ve ever been in a youth group or read the Bible, you’re probably clear on this subject. And there is a reason God did it that way!

We didn’t handle every aspect of our physical relationship perfectly, but we established from the very beginning that sex (and anything resembling sex) was something that is sacred for marriage. We are so thankful that we saved it for our wedding night and that we were both able to experience that for the first time as husband and wife. God designed and commands it that way, and the rewards are great.

There was enough to figure out when we were just dating without adding that to the mix. Also, it’s fun to be married and know that all is permissible and pleasing to the Lord. So parrtayyyy.
 photo 206099_10150250133073339_2641706_n_zpsb2c35736.jpg
6. We kept marriage in mind. 

When Jeremy first asked me to date him, he said, “I would like to start dating you because you’re the kind of girl I want to marry someday.” Talk about serious.

We established (even at the age of 18) that we were dating in order to determine if The Lord would call us to be married, and we would break up at the first sign that God had other plans.

Dating with this intention made everything matter more. The design was to protect our hearts. I think this mindset is what drove us to read dating books, ask for mentors, value our parents’ opinions, and continue striving to resolve issues and understand each other better even when it was difficult. We felt that we were called to love each other, and we listened attentively to God’s voice in case he called us to stop dating.


There are so many other helpful things that contributed to us as a couple. We have amazing parents who invested in our relationship and really cared about and prayed for our future spouses. And ultimately we owe everything to The Lord anyway. Also, we are still newlyweds and have so much to learn about love and marriage. But, I hope these few nuggets of advice will be an encouragement and challenge if you are young or dating.

Love you, JQ.
 photo 10505480_10204335393415660_4260431924831471928_n_zps06f6ce08.jpg

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Office Happiness

We call this room the office. It’s really more of a reading/writing room. Whatever it is, I love it. I love it the most of all rooms in our house. Because in the mornings, I get just the right amount of light streaming in that window to sit in that comfy chair and read my bible and journal. And in the evenings I can write a song on the piano. And it just feels like a room that doesn’t need clutter or a lot of use.

Yesterday I updated you on my faux pallet wall, so today I thought I would give you a good overview of how the room is looking as a whole.

This is how the room started. Just a basic beige like the rest of the house.

House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

So, we have painted everything Revere Pewter at 50% strength, brought in a desk that we have since moved to the basement, purchased an antique mantel from Craigslist, installed a pallet wall, accessorized, brought in an arm chair, ottoman, side table, and lamp, hung white curtains, taken down the mini blinds, accessorized the book shelves, and moved my keyboard into the room to make it more of an intentional music space. My favorite update was the industrial light that we installed.

Come on in!

 photo office2_zps5caf0ba6.jpg
 photo office1_zps3f5e83a3.jpg
 photo fauxpalletwall3_zps56efc603.jpg
 photo fauxpalletwall2_zps3cc3f1fc.jpg
 photo office3_zpsf3ba398a.jpg
So, now, the main thing that is missing is a rug, but I can’t decide what size and where it should go. I love the way Dana from House Tweaking uses Turkish Kilim Rugs all the way through her house. They are to die for! But they also make my wallet want to die! Any tips for a good deal on a Kilim rug?

I mean look how beautiful the richness and colors. I feel like that could be what this room needs.


So, give me your rug shopping tips. Or just give me a rug.

Source list:
Paint Color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore at 50% strength.
Mantel: Craigslist
Chalkboard: Flea market DIY project
Globe figurine: Antique Store
Ottoman: Nashville Flea Market
Side Table: Nashville Flea Market
Lamp: Garage Sale
Curtains: IKEA
Stripe Blanket: IKEA
Bookshelves:  hand me downs


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Whitewashed Faux Pallet Wall & Office Update

My dear readers,

Let me tell you. This summer has been a good one. I have been busy living and enjoying life, family, and friends, so house projects/this blog have suffered. I keep telling Jeremy “I miss my blog.” This is my stress-free creative outlet, and I’m not giving it up, but I have slowed down temporarily because I have been so busy on weekends which is my prime, non-working time to get things done.

But I’m back on the map this week with a project that has been in the works for a long time. I have had the materials for many months, but I just hadn’t taken the time to put everything together. When all is said & done, however, this is a pretty simple project, so I happily introduce to you, my whitewashed faux fireplace pallet wall.
 photo fauxpalletwall1_zps0cf74648.jpg
It isn’t actually attached to the wall. It’s attached to a cheap piece of plywood. And it cost me about $15 to make. And I think it makes such an impact where there used to be just blank space!

Materials needed:
– a piece of plywood cut down in store to fit behind the mantel
– pallets (I got these for free by just asking around. I asked on Facebook and a friend was getting rid of some. I asked at Home Depot a bunch of times and one time I got lucky, and the guy passed some along. You can also check craigslist).
– A circular saw (for cutting boards)
– Liquid nails (which I already had on hand)
– Paintable painters caulk
– Flat white paint (I picked up a sample pot from Home Depot for $2.98).
– Paintbrush
– Water
– 80 Grit Sandpaper (and a sander if you want to spare yourself some heartache.)

1. Cut down the pallets into strips.

First Jeremy used a sawzall, but I think he realized a circular saw was the way to go on this. Basically we just cut in between the edges and center strip. One cut on each side of the nailed down sections, and you have a handful of strips from each pallet, and it’s much easier than taking pallets apart and removing the nails.
 photo fauxpalletwall10_zps2343891e.jpg
Also, Jeremy’s face. Also, this was in the Fall. That’s how long ago I started this project.

2. Lay out the boards
 photo fauxpalletwall7_zps4dce4380.jpg
Just lay everything out on your pre-cut piece of plywood (I got mine cut down in store at Home Depot. Make sure you leave a few extra inches on each side larger than the space you are trying to fill.) It would be fun to do a herringbone or chevron pattern, but it would be important that each board be the exact same length and width. For the sake of ease, and because I had so many different boards, I decided to keep it simple.

Make sure you vary colors and textures for added interest.

3. Glue down the boards

I used 1 and a half tubes of Liquid Nails, and it worked like a charm. I just picked up each board as a I went and squeezed it on in a zig zag pattern.
 photo fauxpalletwall8_zps5391004f.jpg
4. Sand everything down.

Because pallets have usually had a rough life, you will probably find lots of jagged edges, splintered wood, and uneven surfaces. I gave mine a good sanding with medium/heavy 80 grit sandpaper and my handy dandy orbital sander. I just wanted to rub out any loose wood splinters and rough edges.

5. Fill in large gaps with painter’s caulk.
 photo fauxpalletwall5_zps8318f534.jpg
I used the basic white paintable caulk from Ace Hardware. I didn’t fill in every gap, but because of the varying board sizes, there were some pretty large spaces, and since I wanted this to look like a more permanent fixture, I filled in the spaces.

6. White wash!

Here is a little tutorial on how I white washed the boards :-) I really got dolled up for the camera, as you can tell.

7. Cut down the edges to be flush with the original plywood board.

8. Install!
 photo fauxpalletwall9_zpsf640d5ec.jpg
We simply placed this behind the farmhouse mantel that I got on Craigslist last year. I originally thought we may have to secure it to the wall somehow, but it was light enough and the mantel heavy enough that simply placing it and putting the mantel in front seemed like enough!

That’s it. It makes such a subtle impact, and it really makes that mantel feel more intentional!
 photo fauxpalletwallbfaft_zpsc9daa357.jpg

Stay tuned tomorrow for a full room tour of our office progress!

Thanks for coming back, y’all! I missed hang out!


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All Pretty & Planned Weddings: Lauren & Mike

**All Pretty & Planned Weddings is the little wedding coordinating side-business I started. For more info, see here.  – Chandler

If you’ve ever clicked on the “Our Wedding” tab at the top of the page, you may have picked up on the fact that weddings make me giddy. I love the excitement and joy that comes with a wedding day and seeing a new couple make a lifelong covenant with one another. I love everything that marriage represents. I love the picture of Jesus Christ with his bride that is played out in the beautiful details of a wedding.
The smiles on the faces of the couple and the guests
The gathering of families and best friends
A bride in her white dress who always looks like the most beautiful woman in the world
The excitement and hope for the future
Fresh flowers
The scripture read over a couple as a reminder of the meaning of it all
The details that are unique to the people they represent.

But, in the midst of all those details, brides can easily become overwhelmed and lose sight of the joy of the day.

That’s where I come in.

I have started a little side business of helping brides with coordinating their days. I think every bride should have a day-of coordinator. Even the most organized and detail oriented brides need someone to take the load off their shoulders when the actual day comes.

So I thought I would do a little feature on one of the first weddings I got to help with on March 1. Meet Lauren & Mike Chapman.

I can’t take credit for the ideas behind this one. Lauren is bursting with creative ideas and event planning know-how, so she made my job easy. We met several times before the wedding to discuss her ideas and my responsibilities and look at the venues, and it was my job to take the load off her shoulders once the weekend came.

I coordinated with the vendors to make sure everything was at the right place at the right time, I delivered all the reception decor to the venue and set up everything on the table centerpieces and around the reception, and I worked directly with the videographer and photographer on the day-of to make sure people were where they were supposed to be. Basically, I was the point person on the wedding day for all details so that the bride and her mom could just enjoy the emotion of the day.

All of these photos are compliments of Lovinggood’s Photography. And the amazing video is from FocalPoint Cinematic.

 photo LaurenMikeLG2_zpse3c221b6.png
 photo LaurenmikeLG1_zps2e86b647.png

Lauren was an absolutely picture perfect bride. She was calm, joyful, and pulled together. There was such a serenity over the whole day because everyone there knew that Mike & Lauren are a perfect match. The love felt throughout the whole event was palpable.
 photo 10152561_509472579175695_1548779677_n_zpsff82f02a.jpg
And look at that gorgeous wedding party. Seriously.
 photo LaurenMikeLG3_zpsddd742c2.jpg

What a dream day. Lauren and her family kept the guests in mind throughout the whole day and truly threw a party that no-one will soon forget. Lauren is from a small town in Ohio, and I think the entire town made the trip to Nashville to celebrate this vivacious and delightful couple. Lauren’s parents rented THREE 50 PASSENGER BUSES to transport the guests from the hotel to the reception. They really went out of their way to show people a good time. Everything went off without a hitch and even a seven hour reception flew by!
 photo laurenmike3_zpscdb62554.jpg{photo above is a still shot from wedding video. See below}

 photo LaurenMikeLG4_zps297e6991.jpg
 photo laurenmike4_zpseb95c2aa.jpg
{photo above is a still shot from wedding video. See below}
 photo 10171707_509472749175678_434552231_n_zps19498be0.jpg
 photo LaurenMikeLG6_zps22b7319e.jpg

One of my FAVORITE ideas Lauren came up with was to use photos of every guest as her escort cards. She scoured Facebook and old photo albums for a photo of every single one of the 200+ guests and wrote their table number and a personal note on the back of each. I hung them that day on twine with mini clothespins, and guests found their photo to find their table. The following photos are stills from the video below.
 photo laurenmike2_zps040e6a3c.jpg
 photo laurenmike1_zps667efc1b.jpg

Congrats, Mike & Lauren! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day! It was an absolute joy!!

Check out this video from FocalPoint Cinematic to relive the day. I even made an appearance at the beginning!

Michael & Lauren :: Highlights from FocalPoint Cinematic Weddings on Vimeo.

And if you know anyone who may just need a wedding coordinator, send them my way!
 photo infosheet_zps545d1aa5.jpg


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Houses are for living {guest room changes}

I have a new house motto. It’s unofficial, but here is what I believe:

Houses are for living and loving. 

It’s that simple. I’m starting to sound like a broken record because I’ve talked about this concept quite a bit, but I just feel so grateful to have a home because it means we get to make it our own in order to live life together and love each other and others. 

As a result, it is a priority for us to have a good space for guests to visit. That was the basement, but since we moved the home studio into what was the guest room and have yet to finish out the garage (contractor came Friday to give us an estimate!), the guest room has moved upstairs into what was just our spare room (where I keep all of my clothes since this old house has tiny closets.) I don’t want it to stay here simply because there is only one bathroom upstairs and it’s nice for guests to have their own space, but for now it will do quite nicely.

So, here is a look back at the stages of this room…
Guest Room Progress - All Precious & Pleasant Blog
Wow! What a difference, right?!
Guest Room Progress...All Precious & Pleasant Blog
Guest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant Blog
Guest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant Blog
This is a temporary and incomplete set up, but I already love it. Here is what I did:

- Painted the walls Chelsea Gray and the ceiling White Dove by Benjamin Moore.
– Moved the bed up from downstairs
– Used existing french provincial furniture (belonged to Jeremy’s mom when she was younger)
– Used existing wingback chair (one of my favorite furniture finds)
– Used existing curtains (Home Goods…and not the right length.)
– Shopped the house for a side table and accessories.
– Used existing bedding.

So, moral of the story, all I’ve done is use things I already had and paint the room. But it already feels like it’s starting to be guest ready with just that!

Here are some plans for the space:

- Get a white duvet cover, white shams, and throw pillows to accent the bed (this will eventually move with the bed down to the basement when the guest room opens back up down there)
– Paint the black bed frame white
– Get matching curtains for both windows (probably just white. The existing curtains will likely be used for throw pillow covers because they are too short for the windows and came from home goods so I won’t be able to find them again.)
Eventually bring in a day bed for this room once this bed moves downstairs
– Art for the walls.

The wall color is Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore, and I already want to find another room to paint this color. I LOVE it! It is such a good, rich gray. I’m sorta wishing our whole living room/kitchen was this color, but it is a bit dark. Maybe bottom cabinets someday when we paint the kitchen cabinets?

Just for a reminder, here is what the guest bedroom looked like in the basement…
Guest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant Blog

I think I would love to add some mint or navy accents in accessories around the room in addition to the coral quilt. I love the contrast of the white and gray with pops of color for a guest room.

Here are some inspiring photos (click for sources)…
Guest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant Blog
Guest Room Progress...All precious & pleasant blog
Guest Room Progress...All precious & Pleasant Blog


And one more progress pic for good measure…
 photo guestroom3_zps8b3ce028.jpg


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On Chattanooga & Taking a Break (and Happy Birthday to Jeremy)

Growing up, my mom sometimes accompanied my Dad on business trips. While he worked and played golf, she would spend her days alone reading books, exploring and laying poolside. I always thought she was crazy for wanting to be on vacation alone. I don’t think she is crazy anymore, and I am not even a mom. 

Jeremy is working in Chattanooga for a couple of weeks at a show he has done for several years in a row, but this was the first chance I have had to join him. It’s just two quick hours down from Nashville and approximately zero road changes between here and there. It was one of the best weekends I have had in a while. Here is why:
 photo chatt1_zpsa6e3db0b.jpg

1. Three dates a day.
Jeremy may have been working a lot of the time, but we ate breakfast, lunch, and late dinner together every day. It was like I had three dates to look forward to and some great quality time with my favorite guy.
 photo chatt7_zps7eabbefc.jpg
Breakfast at Tupelo Honey Cafe. So yum.
 photo chatt6_zps0590ef25.jpg

2. Needed relaxation
Hebrews 4 commands us to rest. 
There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God; for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works, just as God did from his. Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will perish by following their example of disobedience. Hebrews 4:9-11
 photo chatt12_zpscc04f761.jpg

I’m glad God expects us to rest from our works some time. It’s divine permission to take a break every once in a while. I didn’t realize how much I needed a couple of days off from a to-do list, but I did. Even just two days felt like a perfect oasis.

3. No planning
I am a chronic planner. I plan everything, but for this trip, I had zero expectations and zero plans going into it, so everything fun and relaxing that we got to do was an unexpected joy. I want more weekends like that!

We made spontaneous choices like riding a carousel at Coolidge Park! Jeremy rolled his eyes at this one, but I think he thought it was fun too.
 photo chatt10_zps499a2b12.jpg
 photo chatt11_zpsfccf6f0f.jpg
4. My favorite things.

Museums, antique shopping, book reading, journaling, coffee shops, and being outside. These are a few of my favorite things. I did all of them.
I spent an afternoon in a coffee shop writing letters.
I journaled by the river.

 photo chatt2_zps29157028.jpg
I treasure hunted at an antique store called Knitting Mill Antiques. (See some of my finds here.)
 photo chatt9_zps252a85fd.jpg

I went to the Hunter Museum of American Art by myself and spent hours reading nearly every plaque and stopping to journal about my thoughts on the historical significance of the art pieces and lyric ideas for future songs without anyone telling me to move faster. I know, homeschooler move. 
 photo chatt8_zps95db86f1.jpg
 photo chatt5_zps8a62e402.jpg
 photo chatt4_zpse2bc1789.jpg

I read an entire (short) book in one sitting. If you are creative, read Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. Ready. Go.
I walked/jogged/ran back and forth across the pedestrian bridge.
And I watched HGTV at the hotel. We don’t have cable, so that is exciting for me.

5. Jeremy’s BIRTHDAY!

I saved the best for last. Jeremy’s actual birthday is today, but we celebrated all weekend. I gave him his gift and blew up balloons and hung a banner at the hotel. And we went out for burgers one night and a milkshake the next night.

I love this guy and all of his 24 years. I can’t wait to celebrate some more.
 photo chatt13_zps219df7aa.jpg


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