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Springtime Living Room & Coffee Table Update with Annie Sloan

Our living room was the first room that I “finished” when we moved in. But when is any room ever really finished?I have continued to make updates a bit at a time in the last two years. New pillows, updated … Continue reading

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Shine A Little Light (in the kitchen)

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Lighting matters. It just does. We are lights of the world. Light conquers darkness. Light makes us less afraid. Light reveals flaws. And lighting does a lot for a room. … Continue reading

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FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray

The box that I have kept on our coffee table until now recently broke. The nails came out and it just started falling apart, so it was time for a new coffee table set up. I already had a pretty … Continue reading

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Living Room Updates

Piece-by-piece, little-by-little, the parts are coming together in our living room! I recently made a couple small changes and thought I would do a quick highlight! After my new nightstand refinishing project, I needed to find a space for our … Continue reading

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Living Room Tour

After teasing at bits and pieces of the living room through various projects for a while, I think it’s finally time to give the big picture of what our living room currently looks like. This is truly the heart of … Continue reading

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Tiny Tweaks

In the wise words of Hannah Montana, “Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days. Everybody knows what? What I’m talkin’ bout. Everybody makes mistakes.” I mean it is true. Nobody’s perfect. I gotta work it again and again to get … Continue reading

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Gallery Wall 101

After 2.5 months of new-house livin’, I am finally starting to get things onto the walls. It automatically feels more like a home! The space behind the TV was begging for some love, and a gallery wall was the perfect … Continue reading

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